Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Where Google Chrome fits in to the current landscape?

Google Chrome Application is the fastest browser available with a simple and easy to use interface. Google have a suite of Chromium Applications, Chromium Programs and Chromium Indentures (API's), most notably Google Maps, Android, Google Earth, and Gears, in addition of course to their search services.

Here are the pros and cons of Google Chromium Programming:-

Chrome - The Good
* Chrome is super reliable. It does not use many resources as it is so streamlined. This means that when bad code is run, the program is less likely to bottom out.
* It is simple, clean and fast. By not having all the addons that Firefox can, Chrome is able to stay focused on the task of web browsing.
* What I have dubbed the 'Awesome Bar'. The address bar in the browser also doubles up as a Search Box for Google and also can predict what site you are looking for before you have finished typing the address, even if you have never been there before!

Chrome - The Bad
* Its Privacy is not amazing. The browser collects and sends data on you and your web habits to Google, even before you have hit enter.
* No Addons! As I mentioned earlier, the cost of fast browsing is no extra functionality or customisation.

Chromium Programmers:-

One of the cool time-saving features in Chromium is the custom search engines as google has not officially ported the browser to any mobile devices. Chromium Programming combines a blend of minimal design and technology with edge to make your mobile surfing experience faster, much safer and easy. Opens up hugh opportunity for you to start looking for porting your existing games application and videos from one platform to other mobile platform.
We are already on the ride, to gets our hands on, we have already started working on creating addon’s for different mobile platforms such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Window Mobile, ipad, eBooks and so on.

Lets talk, if you are interested in out-souring your project for any Mobile application development or any web application of Chrome or hiring Chrome programmer from A-1 Technology.