Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wipro ranks high in UK outsourcing service provider performance study

Source: Consultant-news.com

IT Major emerges as top global outsourcer delivering "Quality" and "Flexibility" in IT outsourcing contracts in a study by leading independent sourcing advisory firm, Equaterra incorporating Morgan Chambers.

Wipro Technologies has topped key areas in the UK Outsourcing Service Provider Performance Study 2007 undertaken by Equaterra, an independent sourcing advisory firm. According to the study, quality and flexibility emerged as the two most important attributes influencing customer satisfaction in IT outsourcing, and the study shows the Wipro Technologies top the rankings in both these parameters, ahead of other global and Indian counterparts.

Wipro has also shown the highest level of quality improvement and greater flexibility in contracts as compared to 2006. Wipro also ranks second in overall satisfaction levels, ahead of industry peers.

The survey also mentions that more than 90% of Wipro's customers would recommend Wipro as a partner for outsourcing, based on their current experience with the IT major.

The study, undertaken annually, evaluates £34 billion worth of UK IT sourcing contracts. This is equivalent to three -- quarters of the total current UK IT sourcing market and covers more than 110 unique client-provider relationships and twenty service providers.

The Outsourcing Service Provider Performance Study 2007, researched 320 of the top IT spending organizations in the UK and explored their perceptions of their outsourcing providers, their satisfaction with performance and their plans for future contracts. Study participants were senior level representatives (CFO, CIO or their direct report) within client companies, who outsource all or part of their IT functions and processes.

Though the study does indicate that the proportion of budget spent on outsourcing remain consistent with 2006, Equaterra predicts the market has major growth potential with 54% of organizations indicating that they are looking to outsource more in future and 13% of organizations indicating they will start outsourcing.

This report further supports the 2006-07 survey findings by Equaterra, which indicated that Indian Service Providers are steadily increasing their profile and popularity amongst UK IT decision makers. The latest research shows that they have made even greater strides in the past twelve months, establishing themselves as very serious competitors for the major US and European Outsourcing providers, with four out of the top five service providers ranked in client satisfaction, being Indian-based companies.