Friday, December 15, 2006

Oracle Says India Better Than China

The word is out and by none other than the world’s largest software firm, Oracle, the American Goliath with 50,000-employees worldwide, finds India a more attractive business opportunity than China for the telecom applications business, and for more than one reason.

Not only is India the fastest growing mobile telephony market, recently, it has also surpassed China. The sub-continent’s diverse telecom sector profile with GSM, CDMA, wireless and conventional modes make a grand concert, unlike in China, where the choice is limited, and accordingly offer little business opportunities to software application providers like Oracle.

“The adaptability of telecom software solutions in India is also far greater compared to China due to reasons like the English language base, and the whole country acting as a single unit when it comes to telecom services. In China, each province acts differently making it difficult for any service provider to come up with an integrated product at the national level,” confirms Bhaskar Gorti, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle’s Communications Global Business Unit.

According to him, besides the 5-million-plus connections being added every month, other areas such as broadband and IPTV are set to see enormous growth in India, in the days to come. “As far as Oracle’s application suite is concerned, it provides the platform for all these businesses. Even the Worldspace radio works on it,” says Bhaskar.

India on top of China, the seductive lilt of the Snake Charmer’s flute over the fire-spitting Chinese Dragon, anyone with a modicum of sense would have known that! But, when did the West have any sense. Would they have invaded Iraq, if grey cells had been employed, rather than the hunger for oil rule the day. Would the British have dismembered India to create Pakistan and Bangla Desh, if only they had thought it out, instead of putting their policy of ‘divide and rule’ a step further. Careful thought would have shown the creation of an Islamic nation, would one day become the school and playground of the world’s Islamic terrorist organisations. Would they have created Israel out of Palestine, if foresight had shown it would be a sore festering, without an end in sight? Would they have carved the Nation of Israel out of Palestine, if they had practiced foresight, to see perhaps, one day it would be the tinder to a fully loaded matchbox, exploding the world into its Fourth World War! If only, they had employed the foresight of India’s ancient past, seen the bigger picture, rather than the smaller one of petty jealous rivalry and revenge. If, only they had, they would not have left fires smouldering, burning all over, wherever the flag of the British Empire had been planted.

If, the world is in a mess today, spiritually, environmentally, politically, psychologically, bodily i.e. health wise, who have we to thank for this sorry mess! You got it! The West! They derided the wisdom of the East (India), in order to rule the sub-continent. Today, it is the self-same sub-continent that can play saviour to the world. India’s ancient wisdom is no Old Wives Tale; it is the ‘ras’ (essence) of its primeval past.

Let India hypnotise and seduce the world, forget the hissing song of China’s (Jungle Book) KAA:
“Trussst in me,
Jussst in Me!
Ssshut your Eyesss,
And trussst in me!
Ssslip in to sssilent ssslumber,
Sssail on a sssilver missst!
Ssslowly and sssurely your sssensssesss,
Will csseassse to resssissst!”

Listening to the high-pitched, cunning Chinese KAA can only end in tears! For the discerning, it is mesmerising India’s Snake Charmer of the East to the Western creation i.e. a tangled heap of slithery (snake like) global problems, that will bring order out of chaos, will replace western materialism with Eastern spirituality, teach there is joy and happiness to be found in joint instead of nuclear families, and peace is better than war. It is only India that can teach you its ancient wisdom of working in tandem with nature and its creatures, only India that can teach one the quality of tolerance, so necessary to heal a scarred, ravaged earth, as the psyche of its inhabitants, including an environment shot to pieces by the destructive wantonness of western excesses!

Let India show you how to replace avid consumerism with Eastern asceticism! Only then, will there be peace and harmony in the world! Listen to India’s ancient heartbeat and tame the nature of the Western Beast! Think like the Indians, who believe the earth to be their Mother, learn from them how to be tolerant of all its creatures, human and otherwise!

No wonder, Oracle prefers India over China! Always, India on Top!