Thursday, September 28, 2006

IT Outsourcing Companies

Why Outsourcing? Why Offshore? Why Outsource? A company with various IT related needs would prefer outsource rather than than developing in-house solutions as because outsourcing provides access to talented, experience-enriched developers who can cater to the need for a complex business solution efficiently and cost effectively. While selecting an offshore company one must take into considerations various aspects especially the geographical location of the company from whom the service needs to be outsourced. Analysis has to be made on Offshore companies with or without multi-country presence. Offshore Companies With a US Office: With onsite office, a development firm has its own software engineers, analysts, and project managers who are able to respond to client needs faster and in an efficient manner as because local analysts and technical managers team up with both U.S. and offshore development centre.

At the same time, the main development being taking place in the economically feasible offshore location, the price of the total development is comfortable enough for the client saving the client a substantial amount of money. This model facilitating more financial benefits plus better and quicker service to the clients made it popular among other working models. Offshore Outsourcing Companies Without a US Office In this scenario, with geographical boundaries playing a role, communication can become a problem between the client and the Offshore company.

Communication takes place usually via email, chat or telephone. For proper analysis of the customers' requirements and needs it becomes a necessity for the offshore company executives to travel to clients site for a stipulated period of time. At most times, all requirements cannot be gathered at one visit which results in further subsequent visits resulting in increase in expenditures which definitely the client has to bear. Without any US presence, it is tough for the client company to analyze the capacity and strength in terms of managerial and technical resources of the offshore company. Reliability and security are also of high concern.