Saturday, March 18, 2006

Software Outsourcing demands IT professionals with management skills

It has been noticed that in last few years Software Outsourcing in software development companies demands IT professionals with management skills. IT skills are ok but management skills in the professionals would be an added advantage for them to survive. More the requirement is for senior IT employees with the talents and experience required to take over the running of major deals of the IT Outsourcing Company. Organizations are searching for people with professional qualifications, manpower with a very strong program management skills and background. Employee who have worked and managed related sized projects, with strong client relationship management skills, and obviously people management services are now demanded more for Software Outsourcing.

It is marked that traditional technical jobs and services have been replaced by jobs that demand both the technical knowledge and management abilities. The major overseas service providers are demanding related technical skills like - a mixture of UNIX, Windows and mainframe expertise, developing pressure that is pushing up pay scales also. Even big branded IT Organizations are also looking for the same talents from the market. It has climbed the price range of the individual and it has become quite a momentary market place. People are being headhunted and proposed 10,000 or 15,000 more than their present salaries. Such talents are demanded more and more as the competitions are also on the hike.

Software Outsourcing Market

Now Software Outsourcing companies are seeking for the experienced project managers who have achieved additional qualifications. Big brand names are hiring such talents with more than their expected pay scales. Now such organizations are looking for the best possible mix for IT Outsourcing and services. Responsibilities of the project managers are now increasing as they combine the duties like project management and project control management jobs. Organizations have also been the business-focused rather than only be the technology-focused. Such positions are demanded a lot in the Software Outsourcing market. It is also marked that for such IT Outsourcing the demanded of the mixed skills staffs have increased to 5%.

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