Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rationale behind opting to Offshore Outsourcing

Courtsey Nasscom.org

The foremost rationale behind opting to Offshore Outsourcing today by an average software development and/or web development company is expenditure diminution and progression. This lets them focus on the core actions and enlarge the competitive capacity of their business. Businesses usually prefer to keep network and database administration in house and to outsource such projects that would allow them to concentrate on their core activities.
Indian Software Outsourcing industry has accomplished superlative levels of excellence and constancy of yield. Besides savings Software Outsourcing to India bequeaths its clientele with software development process improvements that translate into ongoing upgrading in custom software cycle times, economic viability, and class. Though Indians are facing stiff competition from MNCs and local players athwart the world but Indian software product companies are working hard to make India a world class IT destination offering not just software services but also premier software products.

Technically, Indian Software products can be compared to the best in the world but poor marketing is the dampener. Whatever product is selling today, whether it is in the storage space or security or any other, chances are that India has got a similar product with more features at lesser costs. Scores of firms are working with NASSCOM to make software product development further popular with the Indian software companies. For instance, iFlex has joined hands with NASSCOM in creating awareness through NASSCOM's product forum about the potential of product development in India. Other players perhaps need to enlist this kind of local endorsement.
The further test is to encourage national and worldwide customers of the trustworthiness of products with the 'Made in India' tag, as customers overseas are enticed to use products offered by big MNCs. We need to communicate to the world that Indian products stand for quality, excellence. Wipro was one of the first few companies in the world to get a PCMM level 5 certification. How many people know about GE's research arm in India, Intel's IP creation in India or even AP's state transports' radical use of telematics? Problem is that we are not telling the product story of Indian IT. There were other cheaper sources available for IT but India won because of the superior education levels, the numbers and their single-minded focus on quality, and innovative spirit of the Indian people.
Indian IT companies have strong domain knowledge, global exposure and also brand equity worldwide in the software services sector. Also, Indian software and services companies have strong value proposition - low development cost, high skilled manpower and competitive billing. Indian companies are now capitalising on the strong domain knowledge and global exposure in developing software products and NASSCOM has already noted a 30% to 40% increase in the number of companies that are involved in the product space in the last couple of years. This is evident from the fact that the Indian IT industry's export revenues from product and technology services has grown from Rs 5100 crores in 2001-02 to Rs 6600 crores in 02-03 registering a growth of 29.4%. This now needs to be communicated.
For selecting an OSP for a Software Outsourcing project, you may ask for code samples and have them reviewed by specialists. After making your choice, chat about coding standards with the purveyor, determine the apt necessities, and include them in the copy of the agreement. Building mock-ups of the system and/or UI prototypes at the specification phase is one of the most important features of efficient software development. Any OSP is supposed to have a routine procedure of using a bug tracking system to manage bug reports. If they do, you should have access to the bug reports related to your project. If they don't, you might consider creatingyour own one and providing the vendor with access to the appropriate bug reports.

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